I have a passion for beautiful whole foods and preparing them in ways that showcase their unique tastes, colors, and health benefits. I am the creator, recipe developer, and food photographer of the food blog Nourish The Roots.  I'm a licensed registered nurse who realized that the conventional approach to healthcare had no emphasis on holistic health or prevention of disease through nutrition, so I decided not to practice in a conventional setting. Instead, I chose to be a natural foods vegetarian cook in a natural foods co-op, where I enjoyed creating and discovering new flavors that have the ability to heal and restore. Currently, I work in a raw food restaurant in Seattle and I teach vegetarian , vegan, and raw foods culinary classes. I believe in the power of whole foods and their role in treating and preventing a wide range of diseases and health conditions. Using my deep knowledge and respect of the human body, I can show you ways that food can dramatically improve your life.  I love  showing people that it is possible to eat in such a way that deeply benefits the body and the environment, all while tasting incredibly delicious.